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Eliot Dupper, about to add some new genes to my boring-ass gene pool

Eliot Dupper, about to add some new genes to my boring-ass gene pool

still slowly adding to myra’s little house! it’s not much but i love working in pastels.


omg - more than 10 new follower during the last 3 days - thank you for that, you’re so adoreable!

now  I have to make a new follower gift - and to reduce the waiting time some pic’s of another garden - Cottage Style


Hey look who finally got around taking pictures of this o.o Download this hair from GoS (or just grab it from any of these links mediafire / skydrive / dropbox )

Credits & info:

  • Mesh & Textures by Nouk, comes in their original colors and works for teen - elder.
  • Lame pics by me

Let me know if you spot something wrong with it and I’ll fix it. Also I hope the anon who requested this originally sees this, it obviously worked out and I’m sorry I took so long! Kthanksnite. *wanders to bed*


Time for some couture for the plus size ladies! These are all on a mesh by Alisa and all of the textures except the shoes are by KotiCouture. The first outfit is a jeans vest paired off with a leather skirt, the second one is a velvet crop top with another leather skirt and comes in two colours, dark red and dark blue, and the last one is a dress that comes both with and without the print on the front. Everything is labelled as they appear on the swatch, which is included along with any needed meshes.

Download: You’re a Superstar



Dahlia’s. A flower shop owned by Jenny Vambric. This is where I test the hypothesis that my game can handle all the polys ever.